Filing an Appeal

Updated May 1, 2019 – Please review carefully for new information.



Printable forms for all appeal types are available to fill out or print at our Forms and Publications page.  Follow the instructions provided with the form and include all requested information and documents with your filing.



You may also file certain appeals through our E-File portal at the bottom of this page.  E-filing is currently available only for property tax valuation appeals.  E-filing is not available for appeals of other actions of a county board.  E-filings completed after 5 p.m. or on a weekend are considered received the next business day.  



If your filing is complete and timely, we will send you an acknowledgment letter within 30 days and will schedule your hearing as soon as possible.  Due to the existing appeal backlog, appeals are currently being scheduled between eighteen and 24 months  months after filing.



If you provide an email address with your appeal, you agree to receive future correspondence from us by email, including your appeal acknowledgment, your scheduling letter, and your decision. You must keep the Board informed of any change in your email address.  Please add to your spam filters to ensure you receive all email communications from the WSBTA.



WAC 456-10-220 requires parties to adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC), in particular, RPC 3.1.  WAC 456-10-001 states that the Board may apply the civil rules (CR) of the state superior courts, in particular, CR 11.  Together, these rules require a party filing an appeal to conduct a reasonable inquiry prior to filing to ensure the appeal is well-grounded in fact; supported by existing law, or a reasonable argument for modifying or expanding the law; and not interposed for any improper purpose.

Please note that, under WAC 456-10-210(7) certain representatives may practice at the WSBTA only with the permission of the Board.  The Board may revoke that permission if a representative fails to adhere to the requirements of RPC 3.1 and CR 11.

The Board may require representatives to certify that these requirements are met as a condition to filing an appeal.