Representative Certifications

WAC 456-10-220 requires parties to adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC), in particular, RPC 3.1.  WAC 456-10-001 states that the Board may apply the civil rules (CR) of the state superior courts, in particular, CR 11.  Together, these rules require a party filing an appeal to conduct a reasonable inquiry prior to filing to ensure the appeal is well-grounded in fact; supported by existing law, or a reasonable argument for modifying or expanding the law; and not interposed for any improper purpose.

Please note that, under WAC 456-10-210(7) certain representatives may practice at the WSBTA only with the permission of the Board.  The Board may revoke that permission if a representative fails to adhere to the requirements of RPC 3.1 and CR 11.

The Board may require representatives to certify that these requirements are met as a condition to filing an appeal.

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